11210 Kendo Complete Armour

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11210 Kendo Complete Armour 11210 Kendo Complete Armour 11210 Kendo complete Armour.

11210 Kendo Complete Armour

Fuji Mae New Zealand Ltd


Complete Kendo armor made of cotton fabric combining two tones of blue, composed by: Men (helmet) with metallic grille, Kote (gloves), made of high quality leatherette, Do (chest and abdomen protector) made of fiber, in black with blue details, and the Tare (jacket tail) made of cotton in blue shades. All the pieces are reinforced, with rigid inside to protect all the body.

• Armor composed by: Men, Kote, Do and Tare
• Made of cotton fabric and some parts of leatherette
• Combines blue shades
• Reinforced high protection pieces.

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