11220 Kendo Armour Made in Japan

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11220 Kendo Armour Made in Japan

11220 Kendo Armour - Made in Japan

Fuji Mae New Zealand Ltd


Complete Kendo armor made in Japan, made of microfiber Uchiwa fabric dyed in Indigo Deluxe, combined with details and some parts in black; decorations of leather and silk; partially hand stitched.
Composed by: Men (helmet) with metallic grille of Duralumin IBB, microfiber Uchiwa fabric and Buton decorated with embroideries.
Kote (gloves) made pf leather and suede on the palm of the hands, with double chamber and deer wool padding on the inside.
Do (chest and abdomen protector) Dai made with 50 pieces of Shin Yamato, embossed leather Mune decorated with three lines silk braid.
Tare (jacket tail) decorated with 8 line silk braid, with leather decorations died in Indigo with a 100% cotton interior. It includes a bag to storage and transport.

• Armor composed by: Men, Kote, Do and Tare
• Made of microfiber Uchiwa fabric with leather and silk decorations
• Died in Indigo Deluxe with some parts in black
• Partially hand stitched
• Bag for storage and transportation included.

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