11233 Kote (Kendo Gloves)

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11233 Kote (Kendo Gloves)

11233 Kote (Kendo Gloves)

Fuji Mae New Zealand Ltd


Pair of Kote, kendo gloves, on the outside it is made of pearl weave 100% cotton fabric and high-quality leatherette, all dyed in indigo, and padded with synthetic wool for a better protection of the hands against impacts: on the inside, the palm of the hand is made of natural color leatherette. On the forearm, the closure is made with adjustable drawstrings, in indigo as well.
It’s ideal to combine with any kendo armor.

• Made of cotton and leatherette, with synthetic wool padding
• Padded to increase protection
• Closure with adjustable drawstrings
• Indigo-dyed
• Partially hand-made
• Able to combine with any Kendo armor

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