11481 Thai ProWear Retro

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11481 Thai ProWear Retro

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ProWear Retro Thai shorts, handcrafted in Thailand, have been conceived to fit you out with maximum manufacturing quality, state-of-the-art materials and a classy retro and sports look.

• Retro Thai pattern. Shorter than traditional pattern, imitating the look of sports shorts of the 80’s with wide legs and a slightly side slit to ensure full range of motion. A narrow and elastic waist brings you optimum comfort without compromising support.
• Reinforced seams to ensure durability.
• Designed with premium materials to make them durable and look invulnerable.
• 100% resistant Korean-based satin polyester.
• ProWear guarantee: Combining quality, technology and design to be equipped with a product conceived to help you achieve your goals and focus your strengths on what really matters.

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