30351 'Sparring' Sheild

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30351 'Sparring' Sheild

30351 'Sparring' Sheild

Fuji Mae New Zealand


64 x 35 x 20cm. 'Sparring' shield made of PVC canvas fabric with soft ending; it has some ventilation holes on the sides to improve the impact absorption. The inside is made of a high density foam. It is slightly bent, on the backside it has three fix nylon handles with plastic padding, two of them to be held with the arm and another one with the hand. It is bicolor: blue and black.

The Sparring range of products is ideal for high-intensity trainings, where a high protection is needed. Its design and features are thought to protect both the attacker and the defender.


· High quality PVC canvas fabric

· Holding with: three fix and padded handles

· Inside made of high density foam

· Ideal for extreme-intensity trainings of any martial discipline

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