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Stand out on the tatami with the 2021 version of the popular Shaka BJJ Gi. Manufactured to meet the needs of the professional athlete and intended to resist the extreme demand from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, we designed this new edition in daring and fresh color combinations honoring the good vibes inspired by the Shaka sign.

• Lightweight jacket made from a 350gsm Pearl Weave polyester and cotton blend fabric to resist the always demanding BJJ and ensure, at the same time, an unrestricted practice. Wash in cold water to improve its lifetime (Note that cotton uniforms shrink after first washings).
• Trousers are made from a lightweight 225gsm polyester and cotton blend ripstop fabric. The ripstop weaving provides an increased resistance to tearing and ripping.
• The collar is reinforced with EVA foam on the inside, for an improved grappling during the training, and with ripstop fabric on the outside.
• Vibrant design and premium quality embroideries.
• Sublimated inner lining.
• Traditional waistband with rubber cord laces.
• Reinforced at tension points, including the knees, for an increased durability.
• Adapted to top athletes and the IBJJF standards.

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