40171 Japanese Shinai 118 Cm

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40171 Japanese Shinai 118 Cm

40171 Japanese Shinai 118 Cm

Fuji Mae New Zealand Ltd


Japanese Shinai. Made in bamboo and reinforced with leather, tip and handle.

118cm length

The word "shinai" is derived from the verb shinau, meaning "to bend, to flex", and was originally short for shinai-take (flexible bamboo). Shinaiis written with the kanji 竹刀, meaning "bamboo sword", and is an irregular kanji reading.

In kendo, it is most common to use a single shinai, sometimes called itto style. Some kendoka choose to use two shinai. This kendo style is usually called ni-tō, a style that has its roots in the two-sword schools of swordsmanship such as Hyōhō Niten Ichi-ryū. A ni-to combatant uses a long shinai called the daitō, which is usually held in the left hand, and a shorter shinai, called the shōtō, which is usually held in the right hand. The daitō may be slightly shorter and lighter than a shinai used in the itto style of kendo. Specifications for shinai used in kendocompetitions that follow the International Kendo Federation (FIK) rules, are below.


Specifications for competition use of one Shinai (Itto).
Specification Gender Junior High School (12–15 yrs) Senior High School (15–18 yrs) University students and Adults (18yrs+)
Maximum length Male & female 114cm 117cm 120cm
Minimum weight Male 440g 480g 510g
Female 400g 420g 440g
Minimum diameter of sakigawa Male 25mm 26mm 26mm
Female 24mm 25mm 25mm
Minimum length of sakigawa Male and Female 50mm 50mm 50mm



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