10405 Kids BJJ DOJO PRO "ORIGINS" Blue Gi

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10405 Kids BJJ DOJO PRO "ORIGINS" Blue Gi 10405 Kids BJJ DOJO PRO "ORIGINS" Blue Gi 10405 Kids BJJ DOJO PRO "ORIGINS" Blue Gi 10405 Kids BJJ DOJO PRO "ORIGINS" Blue Gi

10405 Kids BJJ DOJO PRO "ORIGINS" Blue Gi

Fuji Mae New Zealand Ltd


Why Dojo Pro?

  • Supa-Strong TRIPLE Stitching make this one of the toughest uniforms around, perfectly suited to Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu training. Cheaper gi will soon rip, but this one absolutely will not!
  • Drill Zean Pants are designed for comfort and toughness
  • The Rubberized Lapel and Collar area provides maximum comfort, but is also quick-drying. Nothing worse than a soggy gi on a cold day!
  • “Give-Nothing-Away”. With the specially designed  tapered sleeves and leg cuffs it is harder for the opponent to grab the gi. This gives a great advantage during training or competition.
  • Lightweight 450gsm soft Pearl Weave material makes the gi comfortable, but still tough.
  • Three colors, Black, Blue and White and five sizes ranging from 3’8″ to 4’11”.
  • Top quality, long-lasting Brazilian Jiu Jitsu uniform which will only need replacing when your child grows out of it.
  • 100% cotton Pre-shrunk material. (Always wash in COLD water and dry naturally, NEVER put this garment in the dryer.)
  • We’ve put a ton of effort into making this the BEST BJJ Gi on the market. You will not find anything better.

    It’s been designed from the ground up (or should that be from the mat up), and modified based upon the feedback from our existing customers.

    This uniform is the pinnacle of design for BJJ training gear.

    It’s tough, it’s comfortable, it’s long-lasting and quick drying.

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