Ale Moss

 Ale Moss, and a brown belt in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu (Bjj). 

I had a very busy time in competitions, wining over 30 titles in Brazil, including a world title and pan-american, before I came to NZ in 2013. 

I am currently the only female, high level belt, able to compete professional in international Bjj events representing New Zealand. 

In 2018 under Clark Gracie Black belt, I would like to compete in at least five international events, two in Australia (Jan&Feb), two in USA (March&June), Abu Dhabi (April) and a following trip to compete in Brazil, where I would be able to visit my team which is very important for me as I originally started my Bjj journey with them (Check-mate-CE). 

I would love to have the opportunity to accomplish my dream of a Black Belt promotion in 2018. 

Since I arrived in NZ 5 years ago, I always have been involved with community projects at the Tauranga Judo Club, through Bjj classes helping children and adults who suffer with anxiety and depression to integrate with society.

One of my projects is finally taking shape for 2018, The Women Power. 

On this project, I and a student (Bjj) are going to help young women who are going through hard time psychology wise, who are suffering bulling, depression, anxiety or having family issues, any women who is having a taught time in life needing support and helpto get back on their feet. As a part of a self-defense project and social integration, I strongly believe that Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu can change their lives, as it happened with mine, through our project we can give them confidence to stand up for themselves and help them to develop their pathway 

with better choices and self-love, most importantly how to deal with their lives. 

I believe that lead by example is the way to help the others, that's how I found my motivation to give my best and work hard to became a high-performance athlete so I can share my journey, my courage and my knowledge going out there and showing this girls and the world what women are capable of. 

Empowering people it's what drives me!

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