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Purchasing Goods

To finalise the sale, we need to know a little about you; after the checkout you will be asked to enter some details, such as shipping and contact information. If you're already a member, just enter in your email and password to proceed at this point.

How long does it take for me to receive my goods?

Some of the goods available need to be shipped from overseas, and therefore have a 4-6 week lead time. We endeavour to stock popular items locally.

You will receive a notification of how long a particular product will take, within 24 hours of submitting an order.

If paying by credit card, your card will not be debited until the products ship locally out to you.

What forms of payment are accepted?

We accept all major New Zealand credit cards.

We also accept these forms of payment with prior arrangment:

Please note: these forms of payment must have prior consent from Fujimae NZ. Cheques must clear or payment must be received before goods are ordered from suppliers.

NOTE: Signatures are required when products are delivered, so a P.O Box will not be accepted for product deliveries; please provide street or business addresses.


Uniforms: All measurements are in centimeters.

XS - Extra Small ,S - Small, M - Medium, L - Large, XL - Extra Large, and T = centimetres tall.

T/0000 -100cm (Tall)
T/000 - 110cm
T/00 - 120cm
T/0 - 130cm
T/1 - 140cm
T/2 - 150cm
T/3 - 160cm
T/4 - 170cm
T/5 - 180cm
T/6 - 190cm
T/7 - 200cm
T/8 - 210cm


Your order will be confirmed within 48 hours of placement

In some instances we may not have your size, colour, or shape in stock, in which case you will receive your product approx.45 days after we receive your order to allow for your order to be brought into the country. This will be confirmed back to you on the original order acknowledgment. You will receive regular updates on your order's progress.

Stocked orders will be dispatched within 48 hours of being received.  Fuji Mae New Zealand utilize Castle Parcelsfor Nationwide Distribution. Deliveries to the North Island are the Next Day, but please allow two days for South Island deliveries.

We cannot deliver to P.O. Box or Private Bag. From experience it is best to have your work address as the delivery address as Castle Parcels MUST receive a signature of clean receipt.

Unless there is always someone home at your house they will go back to their depot to attempt delivery on their next run.

We accept all major New Zealand Credit cards, Bank cheques, Personal cheques (with prior approval from Fuji Mae New Zealand) and Cash.


1. Do you use cookies?

Yes, we do use cookies that enable us to better personalize your learning experience and are created when you register on our site. Cookies are small pieces of information that are stored by your browser on your computer's hard drive and are currently the most efficient and complete way to track all of the elements you use within the site. We use cookies to give you a better experience, not to infringe on your privacy.

2. What browsers can I use with this site?

Fuji Mae New Zealand requires an internet browser with a screen resolution running above 800x600 preferably at least 1024x768,your browser should support javascript and SSL (HTTPS).

These could include:

3. What is the recommended connection speed required to view the site?

Fuji Mae New Zealand Ltd was built using HTTP and CSS and is optimised, so should require minimal bandwidth. This means the site should perform well on 56k modems through to dsl or Citylink.

If you have any queries or would like to raise issues or futher questions please inform us through our contact form


Fuji Mae New Zealand will not accept any blame or enter into any correspondence relating to injuries received whilst using any items we sell against any individual or animal.

Faulty Items

In some rare instances equipment may be faulty and may have missed our Quality Control Procedures. If for any reason you are unhappy with the items you have purchased and deem them to be faulty, Fuji Mae New Zealand will review these on a case by case basis, and if found to be faulty we will replace them. However, if we feel items have been misused and as a result have been damaged i.e. Semi-contact ITF Gloves being utilised on practice pads, then Fuji Mae New Zealand ARE NOT OBLIGATED TO REPLACE ANY ITEM FREE OF CHARGE.

We accept Paypal (and Credit Card via Paypal):

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