10210 Dobok WTF Training

Fuji Mae New Zealand Ltd


The new Training WT Dobok has been designed under a single premise: to become the best training dobok on the market. Made to resist the demanding pace of daily training; its pattern has been improved, its fabric is much lighter and its new design offers a greater look than any other training uniform available on the market. Appropriate for beginners looking for quality, mid-level taekwondists and even as a 365 uniform for experienced athletes, the new Training WT Dobok is an unrivaled choice in terms of price and quality.

• Manufactured of a polyester and cotton lightweight blend for a comfortable and pleasant uniform.
• Cool and breathable diamond fabric to help keep sweat away and superior compared to the market standard on training Doboks, selected to increase the functionality of the uniform and upgrade its look.
• White neck and without embroidery on the back.
• Reinforced as high-end uniforms.
• Traditional cut ensuring an unrestricted movement. Elastic waistband with laces.

SKU 10210
Composition 80% Polyester / 20% Cotton
Discipline Taekwondo

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