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Take control of the tatami. The new ProWear Judo pants belong to a new generation and have been designed to provide you ultimate comfort and performance, while ensuring your best look for training and the Judo competition.

• Manufactured of 100% cotton for unrestricted comfort.
• 10oz selected fabric to adapt to the intense daily training routine: increased quality, higher resistance and better cut.
• Specific slightly fitted cut for a better look.
• Traditional waistband, including two exchangeable strings, from rubber and canvas, for a customized adjustment.
• Carefully designed paying attention to any detail: reinforced on sides, crotch and from the knee to the ankle, featuring 5 stitching lines on hems and breathable holes on the crotch to keep the moisture away.
• Wash in cold water to improve its lifetime (Note that cotton uniforms shrink after first washings).
• ProWear guarantee: Combining quality, technology and design to be equipped with a product conceived to help you achieve your goals and focus your strengths on what really matters.

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