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The new Training Ninjutsu uniform has been designed to become the best training Gi on the market. Intended to resist the demanding pace of the daily training, its cut and design have been improved, the accessories reduced to the essential and its 9oz fabric provides more resistance, comfort and quality than any other training uniform available on the market. Appropriate for beginners looking for quality, mid-level students and even as a 365 uniform for experienced ninjas, the new Training Ninjutsu uniform is an unrivaled choice in terms of price and quality.

• Traditional Ninjutsu cut for unrestricted movement.
• Manufactured of polyester and cotton blend fabric for comfort and quick-drying. Wash cold to preserve the initial properties at their best (Note that cotton uniforms shrink after first washings).
• Its 9oz (260g) fabric, superior compared to the market standard, has been selected for a long-lasting performance and increased quality, stiffness and look yet still keeping the required lightness on a training uniform.
• Reinforced on shoulders, sides and crotch.
• Plain and premium quality embellishments.
• Traditional drawstring waistband in all the sizes of the trousers.
• Laces on the ankles for a final customized fit of the trousers and increased comfort when wearing Tabi.
• Including a technical balaclava.

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