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The new Training Long Sleeve rashguard has been designed under a single premise: becoming the best training compression t-shirt on the market. Conceived to adapt to the demanding pace of the daily training; its cut gets you a great fit, its new design offers a perfect look and its selected fabric provides more resistance, comfort and quality than any other training compression t-shirt available on the market. Appropriate at any level, the new Training LS rashguard is an unrivaled choice in terms of price and quality.

• Essential apparel to be used on fight, in your training routine or even under the Gi.
• Fitted cut, second-skin compression. 10-panel construction for an upgraded adjustment and look.
• Manufactured of polyester and lightweight elastane selected fabrics to avoid over-compression or discomfort yet keeping the rashguard in place during the whole workout.
• Breathable. Featuring 4 mesh panels under the armpits for enhanced sweat perspiration.
• Reinforced flat seams that adapt to your body delivering comfort in every movement.
• Plain, sporty and customizable design. Contact us for further information.

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