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The Advantage inner body protector designed for Karate competition is extremely lightweight and well-fitted, getting you more comfort than traditional body protectors yet not compromising the level of protection.

• Chest, abdomen and rib cage protection.
• Lightweight and well-fitted for unlimited movement during the fight. Intended to be used under the Gi.
• High-density PE molded foam padding. The outer shell is made of Cordura, a high-performing synthetic fiber for increased resistance to tearing.
• Black mesh inner lining for a clean and sporty look while helping keep moisture and odor away.
• Featuring a compression stretchable fabric on the back with an adjustable Velcro for a secured support. In addition to that, a reduced amount of such elastanefabric compared to previous models helps get a more comfortable, lightweight and unrestricted movement.
• Appropriate for training and competition at any intensity level, adapted to the WKF regulation standards set in Kumite and certified according to the CE legislation.
• Approved, in white, by the RFEK. Also available in black for those styles that are not in need of white uniformity.
• Advantage performance: Equipment addressed to the competition, adapted to the regulation of the main federations and designed with attention to detail and quality. Victories are easier when you are well equipped.

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