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Combine style and performance. The new ProSeries 2.0 elastic hand wraps have been developed to provide superior stability and protection to your wrists and knuckles. Made of an incredibly stretchable synthetic fabric to increase the compression without compromising its comfort, these hand wraps are the Premium complement to take care of your hands during demanding punching sessions.

• Exceptional pleasant elastic fabric, made of polyester and rubber, developed to provide still a more comfortable and stronger adjustment.
• Breathable material to keep moisture away and your hands cool at any time.
• The elasticity of the fabric offers a gentle compression while ensuring full coverage of wrists and knuckles at the right pressure.
• Available in single size (L) of 3.5m of length.
• Silicone logo to reduce rigidity on the closure end of the hand wraps, while delivering a unique and sporty look.
• Superior performance at any intensity level.
• Washable and easy to dry. Wash them cold separately or use a mesh laundry bag to prevent fading on other clothes.
• FUJIMAE recommends the regular use of hand wraps to protect hands and joints from common injuries caused by repeated and intense hits.

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