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Level up with the Advantage Primeskin Boxing gloves, evolved from our popular Windtech model and designed for intensive training and sparring in combat sports. Not compromising their exceptional value for money, the Advantage Boxing gloves are a guarantee of comfort, durability and lightness, while offering an appealing look to the most demanding athletes.

• Designed for regular training in combat sports, such as Boxing, Kick Boxing, Muay Thai, Full Contact, Sanda, etc. and recommended for any other fighting sport style.
• Primeskin feel: Manufactured of high-impact resistant and durable synthetic leather with an unbeatable leather look.
• Lightweight and resistant injected foam mold inner construction for a better shock absorption.
• Ergonomic design of the palm of the glove and the wrist flex area for unrestricted punching.
• Reinforced breathable mesh panel on the palm of the glove to keep your hands cool and odor away from repeated training.
• Fingers inner lining coated with neoprene for enhanced comfort when practicing the boxing clinch.
• Easy to put on and take off. Featuring a rubber puller on the Velcro strap fastener.
• Advantage performance: Equipment conceived for competition, adapted to the regulations of the main federations and designed with attention to detail and quality. Victories are easier when you are well equipped.

SKU 21321
Discipline Boxing - Kick - Thai Boxing - K-1

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