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Highlight more than ever your punching combinations with the prominent and distinguished design of the Radikal Bloody Mary Boxing Gloves QS, the most exclusive version of our most permanent gloves model into the market. Made from the best materials including additional gel protection, these’re intended for intensive use in training and ultimately addressed to the wildest fighters.

• Designed for the practice of multiple combat sports, such as Boxing, Kick Boxing, Muay Thai, Full Contact, etc.
• Antique leather-coated for a radical and genuine vintage look.
• 4-layered foam mold inner construction including one of 8mm of gel all over the knuckle area.
• Micro-perforation over the palm of the glove for increased breathability.
• Wide Velcro fastener.
• Thumb tied to the glove to minimize any risk of injury.
• Padded, pleasant and sweat-resistant lining inside.
• Plain and high-quality design.
• Stand out with the daring and vibrant design of the Radikal product line, developed to enhance performance and protection in your training at a reduced price level and with multiple color designs and sizes to make the Radikal be your ideal product.

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