21371 SakYant II Primeskin Boxing Gloves

Fuji Mae New Zealand


“In times of the ancient Thailand, warriors used to fill their bodies full of divine tattoos known as Sak Yant. Those tattoos, provided with mystic energies, turned their holders immune against dangers strengthening some of their skills such as mindfulness and power. Amongst the most popular and traditional good luck Sak Yant tattoos, we encounter the Buddhist mantras Paed Tidt and Gao Yord, providing protection according to the Thai mythology and the Buddhist culture.
The SakYant boxing gloves become then a range exclusive to the bravest, to those who do not fear and are willing to step into the battle. Similarly to the Sak Yant tattoos, these gloves will empower the fighter with protection, focus and strength. Magic and power are now in your hands, only determination relies on you.”

• Economical version of the SakYant boxing gloves #21376 addressed to a regular mid-intensity training still keeping their quality standards in terms of striking and protection unchanged.
• Primeskin feel: Manufactured of high-impact resistant long-lasting synthetic leather with an unbeatable leather look.
• High-density latex foam protection for an unprecedented and powerful striking feel.
• Featuring a Neoprene panel on the inner surface for enhanced comfort on the practice of the boxing clinch.
• Additional protection within the palm of the glove for a higher resistance against persisting attacks of the opponent.
• Wide Velcro fastener and fitted wrist.
• Textile sweat-resistant lining inside.
• Daring design inspired by the Muay Thai and the inherited Thai culture.

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