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Designed to honor the most heroic warriors, the real fighters, the Valkyrja gloves have been designed for those athletes including combat exercises in their workout routine. Entirely manufactured of elastane, these can be washed on a regular basis while still featuring a colorful and combative design. Addressed to up to mid-intensity trainings and heavy bag and cardio workouts inspired by Boxing, the Valkyrja gloves will remain at their best condition at any time no matter how much you sweat them.

• Elastane coating.
• Injected foam mold inner construction.
• Velcro fastener.
• Intense and long-lasting full color sublimation printing.
• Textile inner lining.
• Machine-washable. Wash cold to preserve initial properties at their best for an excellent performance.
• An ideal choice for those athletes complementing their training routine with exercises inspired by combat moves and/or including heavy bag workout. Equally valid for a real Boxing practice up to mid-intensity levels.
• In the Norse mythology, the purpose of Valkyries was to choose the most prominent warriors deceased in battle to lead them to Valhalla to help the god Odin in the end of the world battle. Valkyrja is now in search of the genuine warriors of the 21st century.

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