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The Elite-Shock head guard has been designed to raise protection and comfort high competition standards to the next level. Built of high-density polyurethane foam, the Elite-Shock head guard provides an adjusted and precise fit to every head and reacts to any impact ensuring safety and comfort in any situation.

• Cranial and ear protection.
• Entirely manufactured of dense yet lightweight PU molded foam for enhanced safety against powerful impacts. Extremely resistant construction.
• Superior protection and comfort.
• Adjustable Velcro strap support on the chin coated with neoprene to avoid irritation.
• Adapted to ponytail hair use.
• Easy to wash.
• Appropriate for training and competition at any intensity level and approved by the ITF.
• FUJIMAE recommends the regular use of the head guard in training to protect your head against potential traumatisms, accidental cuts and other common injuries caused by repeated and intense hits.

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