Basic Focus Mitts

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Basic Focus Mitts Basic Focus Mitts

Basic Focus Mitts

Fuji Mae New Zealand Ltd


The Basic focus mitts are an affordable training alternative that do not compromise their quality. These’ll get you comfort and durability to work on striking accuracy and power, designed for mid-level training. At the gym or at home, they provide the best value in the market.

• Injected foam mold inner construction and PU coating.
• Striking area of 28x20cm. Appropriate at any level.
• Ergonomic and lightweight curved design. Easy to put them on and take them off.
• Sold in pairs.
• FUJIMAE Basic product line: Essential, iconic, timeless and neutral equipment. Designed to reach the lowest price, paying attention to detail and without compromising quality. The know-how of a specialist accessible for everyone.

Sold as a Pair.

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