30210 Thai Kick Pad (PU)

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30210 Thai Kick Pad (PU) 30210 Thai Kick Pad (PU) 30210 Thai Kick Pad (PU)

30210 Thai Kick Pad (PU)

Fuji Mae New Zealand Ltd


Kicking pad made of PU-Flex, very resistant due to its slight elasticity which adjusts to all kind of kicks and recovers its original form. The inside is made of a high density foam; very practical and easy to put on. It has two Velcro handles and a fix handle to hold with the hand.

The Radikal range of products is perfect for advanced users, it offers a high quality with a fashionable, comfortable and resistant design.

 · 100% high resistance PU-Flex fabric

· Holding with: two Velcro handles and a fix one.

· Inside made of high density foam.

· Available in 3 different colors

· Ideal for high-intensity trainings

Cost is per single unit (i.e. not a pair)

SKU 30210
Product Kicking Pad. Radikal
Peso 1285 gr
Composition PU-Flex
Dimensions 44x20x10cm
Colors White - Red - Blue

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