30650_750 FUJIMAE HEAVY BAG 150cm

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30650_750 FUJIMAE HEAVY BAG 150cm 30653  Heavy Bag. Vinyl. Black. Filled. 30650_750 FUJIMAE HEAVY BAG 150cm

30650_750 FUJIMAE HEAVY BAG 150cm

Fuji Mae New Zealand Ltd


You know what facing a heavy bag means: sweat, strength, technique and hard work. And that’s why you also know that a good, solid and resistant heavy bag, able to support repeated hits, is a must on every workout routine. The FUJIMAE heavy bag has proudly resisted the most intense workouts for more than 20 years and it has been the unbreakable companion helping champions and fighters all this time to perform at their best. Price and quality are undoubtedly unrivaled. Break your limits with the FUJIMAE heavy bag!

• Solid, strong and highly resistant. Appropriate for all athletes, amateurs and professionals, at home or at the gym.
• Manufactured in Thailand. Featuring a long-lasting synthetic leather tested to face repeated punching, knees, elbows and kicks; and a soft pleasant finishing on all its surface for comfort.
• Stuffed strong padding with selected textile materials for a well-balanced weight to offer a powerful punching feel after repeated use over time.
• Reinforced and adjusted seams to reduce pressure on them after constant hits.
• 4-way rotating metallic bag chains included, to hang them from the bag stand. The swivel avoids chains to be trapped among them during bag rotation. Metallic chains also provide durability that other nylon or leather straps can’t.
• Appropriate for full-body power workout routines to stay fit and improvement of punching techniques and combinations.
• Delivered in a thick and resistant plastic bag to ensure its best condition on delivery.


150 cm
Dimensions 50x35 cm
Weight 45 kg
ColorsAvaillable Sizes Black
Composition Vinyl + Inside textile

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