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Fly, emerge, stand up, get on top while keeping your feet on the ground. Dream. The success of the first Dreamcatcher version would have allowed us to keep it for a while, but the spirit behind these shoes led us to the next level. A shoe conceived both for Boxing and Wrestling, and designed to be extremely lightweight, breathable and comfortable and optimize foot traction. A legend that keeps growing.

• Lightweight and ergonomic construction to get the most out of your footwork during the fight.
• Mid-profile cut for a convenient ankle support.
• Low-profile outsole for increased traction, molded in strategic areas to allow a smooth foot rotation. A perfect combination between stability and mobility.
• Enhanced lateral support featuring traction cord laces that adapt to the shape of your foot.
• Textile construction reinforced with synthetic materials on the support areas to resist the attacks of your opponent.
• Breathable inner lining.
• Multi-surface rubber outsole.

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