40647 Bo Made of Ironwood - 154cm (5ft)

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40647 Bo Made of Ironwood - 154cm (5ft)

40647 Bo Made of Ironwood - 154cm (5ft)

Fuji Mae New Zealand Ltd



Fuji Mae is proud to introduce our premium line Jo ( short staff ) made of Kamagong Iron Wood. The Jo was developed by noted swordsman Gonnosuke Muso, he reportedly defeated legendary swordsman Miyamoto Musashi with this weapon.

More maneuverable than the traditional Bo, Jodo ( Way of the Jo ) mainly emphasizes on basic strikes, blocks, free sparring and kata’s.

For impact training we would recommend rattan, bahi, giho or malaruhat


Weapon Specs:
Total Length: 60 inches (5 feet / 154cm) 
Diameter: 1 inch ( 2.6 cm )

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