40659 Bo Made of Ghio - 154cm (5ft)

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40659 Bo Made of Ghio - 154cm (5ft)

40659 Bo Made of Ghio - 154cm (5ft)

Fuji Mae New Zealand Ltd


Golden Brown in color, this particular hardwood has a lighter feel compared to it’s Kamagong counterpart but astonishingly this particular material is VERY STRONG that it ranks a close second to the Kamagong in terms of wood strength and durability.

Giho was used before as the wood placed underneath the railroad tracks and as the frame for doors in houses. Because of its strength to weight ratio it became the favourite of builders here in the Philippines.
It is considered as a masterclass fighting stick perfectly combining speed, strength and durability.

Seasonal !!! Please check for availability.

For impact training we would recommend rattan, bahi, giho or malaruhat


Weapon Specs:
Total Length: 60 inches (5 feet / 154cm) 
Diameter: 1 inch ( 2.6 cm )

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