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Celebrating the 2021, the first time ever that Karate was present at the Olympic Games, and inspired by the Nippon Budōkan in Tokyo, the Martial Arts Hall where the competition was held, the new Budōkan Kata Karate Gi is arisen to shine, to elevate the beauty of the movement, to make noise. Addressed to Kata athletes looking for quality at any level, the Budōkan Karate Gi provides a superior cut, stiffness and snap honoring the name it represents.

•    Kata special cut, shortened on wrists and ankles, inspired by the Japanese traditional cut.
•    12oz lightweight jacket manufactured of 100% brushed cotton canvas. The brushed cotton provides a pleasant feel while the crunchy canvas fabric and the jacket design will get you the desired snap. Wash in cold water to preserve its lifetime (Note that cotton uniforms shrink after first washings).
•    12oz trousers with traditional waistband made of 100% brushed cotton canvas.
•    Plain premium quality embellishments.
•    Carefully designed paying attention to any detail: 8 stitching lines on hems, breathable lining on the neck and ventilation holes on the crotch to keep the moisture away.
•    Karate Gi approved by the WKF.

SKU 10070
Composition 100% Cotton
Grammage 12oz
Discipline Karate

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