200711 Shin and Instep Guard - Basic

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200711 Shin and Instep Guard - Basic

200711 Shin and Instep Guard - Basic

Fuji Mae New Zealand


The Basic shin and instep guards have been conceived for an economical training without compromising any quality standard, providing light protection and the comfort required for up to mid-intensity trainings and, as the entire Basic range, the best value for money on the market.

• Slip-on shin and instep guards manufactured of polyester and rubber soft-knitted elastic fabric. Easy to put on and take off and extraordinarily comfortable.
• 1.5cm thick lightweight EVA foam padding, superior to the market standard.
• Redesigned for a complete, more precise and ergonomic fit.
• Also helpful to protect the ankle acting as a compression ankle support.
• Washable and easy to dry.
• FUJIMAE Basic product: Essential, iconic, timeless and neutral equipment. Designed to reach the lowest price, paying attention to detail and without compromising quality. The know-how of a specialist accessible for everyone.

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