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The Dreamcatcher 4 keep carving the history of their own model. The fourth generation of the Dreamcatcher shoes resulting in a significant upgrade in stability and heel support is inspired by the success of their previous editions and by the determined path to incessant evolution. Thoroughly developed to meet every need of Wrestling, they’ve been designed to be ultra-lightweight, breathable and extremely comfortable.

•    Lightweight and anatomical construction to get the most out of your footwork during the fight.
•    Mid-Top profile. Heel counter reinforcement for a convenient ankle support and protection.
•    Two-piece low-profile outsole for increased foot traction, molded in strategic areas to allow for smooth foot rotation. A well-balanced combination between stability and freedom of movement.
•    Optimal lateral support featuring traction cords to help get the shoe properly adjusted to the shape of your foot.
•    Textile upper part reinforced with synthetic materials on the most demanding areas to withstand the attacks of your opponent at any time.
•    Breathable inner lining.
•    Multi-surface rubber outsole.

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