Opro MULTI-ITEM F3301      ~ OPRO PLATINUM M/GUARD New zealand nz vaughan

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Opro MULTI-ITEM F3301      ~ OPRO PLATINUM M/GUARD New zealand nz vaughan Opro MULTI-ITEM F3301      ~ OPRO PLATINUM M/GUARD New zealand nz vaughan Opro MULTI-ITEM F3301      ~ OPRO PLATINUM M/GUARD New zealand nz vaughan






Designed by Dr Anthony Lovat BDS the founder of OPRO, the world's largest supplier of custom mouthguards, all OPRO Self-Fit models introduce the patented fin technology retention system which gives the OPRO Self-Fit the best retention (fit) performance of any self-fit mouth guard in the world.

The highly technological cross-sectional profile present in all the range means maximum protection against front and concussive blows whilst keeping the palate clear for improved breathing and speech.

With a durable outer layer and uniquely designed concussion pads for optimum impact protection together with a flexible inner layer for supreme comfort and fit, our Platinum mouthguard is the ultimate Self-Fit Elite level mouthguard. What’s more, all of our Platinum mouthguards and cases contain an Antimicrobial additive proven to kill 99.99% of bacteria so you can rest assured that the Platinum mouthguard provides the best possible protection against bacteria and germs.

The unique design of the inner channel features our patented ‘fins’ – slim rib-like structures – that are made from a special gel-like material that softens and becomes more fluid when placed in hot water. When you bite into these softened fins, they mould snugly around the teeth to form a perfect, highly retentive fit. The fins of our Platinum mouthguards have been designed for the perfect fit as they follow the position and contours of the teeth.

To ensure that your fitting process is simple and easy, we provide a fitting cradle which slots neatly into the holes at the side of the mouthguard. Hold this cradle when immersing the mouthguard in hot water and use it help you position the mouthguard centrally in your mouth during moulding. Using the cradle also guarantees a minimum thickness of your mouthguard as with the slots in position in the side of the mouthguard, biting down too hard is prevented.

On removal of the cradle, air cushions are created which provide additional protection and comfort.

Once moulded, your Platinum mouthguard will provide excellent protection for your teeth and gums from injury during any ball, stick or combat sport. Comfortable to wear it makes speech and breathing easy.

  • 13 ‘fins’ designed to fit the contours of the teeth
  • Antimicrobial additive to mouthguard and case
  • Durable outer layer
  • Flexible inner channel
  • Inter-jaw absorption pads
  • Specially designed cradle for easy fitting
  • Up to £17,500 dental warranty
  • Age 7+
  • CE certified
  • Latex free
  • Not suitable for fixed braces



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