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Get the most out of your workout with the new FUJIMAE Free Standing Speed Bag, meant to get you working on the reaction time, speed rate and accuracy. The ideal tool to take the individual work to the next level!

• Adjustable height from 150cm to 180cm.
• With rebound, specially intended for Boxing and aerobic combat exercising and still versatile for any other fighting style where striking gets involved.
• Solid, strong and highly resistant. Made for all, amateur and professional athletes, and indistinctly used at home and at the gym.
• Punching ball made of PVC.
• Ideal complement to develop reaction time, speed rate and accuracy.
• Low-profile base to be filled up with water or sand, with rounded edge and 12 suction cups to secure it to the ground.

SKU 30689
Composition PVC
Dimensions 150-180 cm
Discipline Boxing - Kick - Thai Boxing - K-1

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