Legacy Martial Arts Black Belt

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Legacy Martial Arts Black Belt Legacy Martial Arts Black Belt Legacy Martial Arts Black Belt

Legacy Martial Arts Black Belt

Fuji Mae New Zealand Ltd


Legacy: “Something that is a part of the history or that remains from an earlier time”. The design of the Legacy Martial Arts belt is inspired by tradition, respect for quality and devotion of the master. And that is precisely the reason why it is handcrafted, using the best materials, and presenting a thorough and elegant look for further customization.

• Manufactured of silk satin for a fine and exceptional black shiny look.
• Extra thickness: reinforced inner construction with a perfect balance between rigidity and flexibility.
• 4.5cm of width and 12 meticulous stitching lines for an extraordinary handcrafted look.
• Embroidered logo for a high-end appearance while reducing the visual impact of traditional woven labels.
• Solid dye. Wash cold to preserve initial properties at their best for an excellent performance.
• Delivered in a box for a more attentive delivery of the belt. Ideal as a gift.
• Ideal for embroidery. Contact us to customize your Legacy belt.

SKU 15040
Composition 100% Silk

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