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Every Jacket of the ProWear Kumite Karate Gi 2 is the outcome of the constant search for excellence. Meant for those professional Karate athletes who have devoted their life to the practice of this style and in need of the best, we thoroughly designed an extraordinarily lightweight and comfortable Jacket for unparalleled movement, we selected and refined a fabric able to keep moisture away and we ultimately wanted to reflect the well-deserved reward to the path carried out by the athlete on its modern and elegant design.

•    Specific cut for Kumite to get you the comfort required during the explosive movement.
•    Made of 100% polyester selected fabric to get an exceptional balance between lightness, breathability, comfort and look.
•    Ultra-modern and thorough design. Every embellishment has been embroidered paying attention to detail.
•    Breathable mesh panels in the most demanding areas to keep you cool.
•    Approved by the WKF and valid for all the Regional, National and International competitions. Meant and prepared for top athletes.
•    Supplied separately, available with Blue or Red embroidery, to optimize the expense of the athlete.
•    For a total look, FUJIMAE recommends to get it combined with the ProWear Kumite Karate Pants 2 (#10065).
•    ProWear guarantee: Combining quality, technology and design to get you equipped with a product meant to help you achieve your goals and focus your strengths on what really matters.

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