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“In the ancient Thailand, warriors used to fill their bodies with divine tattoos known as SakYant. Those tattoos, provided with mystic energies, turned their holders immune to danger strengthening some of their skills such as mindfulness and power.Amongst the most popular and traditional good luck SakYant tattoos, we encounter the Buddhist mantras PaedTidt and GaoYord, providing protection according to the Thai mythology and the Buddhist culture.
The SakYant product line becomes then exclusive to the bravest, to those who do not fear and are willing to step into the battle. Similarly to the SakYant tattoos, theseFocus Mitts will empower the fighter with protection, focus and strength. Magic and power are now in your hands, only determination relies on you.”

• Entirely manufactured of leather, the SakYant II Focus Mitts are definitely built to last. Matte finish.
• The striking area is reduced up to 19x17cm.
• Lightweight, concave and multi-layered foam padded design to get to work on the accuracy and significant striking.
• Soft, pleasant and sweat-resistant lining inside for superior grip.
• Tight fit without Velcro for maximized comfort and unrestricted movement for the sparring partner. Easy to put them on.
• Intended for high-intensity training.
• Sold in pairs.

SKU 30170
Composition Leather
Dimensions 19x17 cm

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