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The new Training Hakama has been designed to become the referent training hakama on the market. Made to resist the pace of the daily practice; its cut keeps the traditional basis of Budo and its selected polyester and cotton blend fabric gets you the resistance, comfort and quality required at the Dojo.Appropriate for beginners looking for quality, mid-level budokas and even as a 365 uniform for experienced masters, the new Training Hakama is an unrivaled choice in terms of price and quality.

• Made from polyester and cotton blend, the 185gsm selected fabric gets you the required resistance and weight and helps keep its best look day by day. Wash it cold to preserve the initial properties at their best (Note that cotton uniforms shrink after first washings).
• Traditional cut, especially intended for the practice of Aikido, Kendo and Iaido.
• 5 pleats well defined on the front and 2 on the back.
• Semi-flexible Koshi-Ita, rigid enough to keep its shape yet flexible to prevent damage from falling.
• Hera made of plastic to help keep the Hakama in place during the practice.
• Delivered with securing threads to make sure the shape of the Hakama is kept safe before its first use. In case a return or exchange of the Hakama is requested, threads can’t be removed. Otherwise, the product can’t be refunded or replaced.

SKU 11115
Composition 80% Polyester / 20% Cotton
Grammage 185 gsm
Discipline Aikido - Kendo - Iaido - Kyudo

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