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WU SHU SASH - Cotton WU SHU SASH - Cotton WU SHU SASH - Cotton

WU SHU SASH - Cotton

Fuji Mae New Zealand Ltd


The path to learning and experience in Martial Arts goes through perseverant effort and determination, but also by having the best equipment and desired rewards. The Training Wu Shu sash, resistant and made of cotton, is a guarantee of quality and look and the well-deserved recognition to the progress of the student.

• Manufactured of 100% cotton.
• 12cm of width for a sash look.
• Solid dye with vivid colors. Wash cold to preserve initial properties at their best for an excellent performance.
• Available in young and adult size, and in multiple colors. Versatile and used in several styles.
• Contact us to customize your Training Wu Shu sash.

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