30201 - Basic Kick Pad

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30201 - Basic Kick Pad 30201 - Basic Kick Pad

30201 - Basic Kick Pad

Fuji Mae New Zealand


The Basic Kick Pad brings the best value for money on the market to master your kicking and knee work accuracy and power. Its compact design and solid protection ensure the required performance addressed to up to mid-intensity trainings. At the gym or at home, this is an unrivaled choice for an economical training without compromising any quality standard.

• Multiple light foam layers inner construction and PU coating.
• Striking surface: 40x20cm. Suitable for all levels.
• Solid and straight design. 9cm of thickness.
• Double Velcro support strap and reinforced handle on the top. Easy to put on and take off.
• Sold per unit.
• FUJIMAE Basic product: Essential, iconic, timeless and neutral equipment. Designed to reach the lowest price, paying attention to detail and without compromising quality. The know-how of a specialist accessible for everyone.

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