40191 Chinese Ironwood Broadsword

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40191 Chinese Ironwood Broadsword

40191 Chinese Ironwood Broadsword

Fuji Mae New Zealand Ltd


Fuji Mae NZ is proud to present this beautiful hardwood replica of the Dao Chinese Broadsword. They belong to the category of single-edge Chinese swords primarily used for slashing and chopping. Called a Chinese broadsword in its English translation due to the fact that some swords have wide blades.

This type of sword became very popular with Chinese cavalry during the Han dynasty due to its sturdiness and superiority as a chopping / slashing weapon. It was soon began to be issued to Chinese infantry, beginning the replacement of the Jian as the standard-issue sword of the Chinese military.
Its earliest date was from China’s Shang Dynasty ( China’s Bronze Age )


Now available in a beautiful Kamagong Ironwood material, it’s a must have for the serious collectors and practitioners of the Chinese Martial Arts.


For Kata only 

For impact training we would recommend rattan, bahi, giho or malaruhat

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