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The Plyometric Soft Box

A set of Plyometric soft Box could enables your to improve your strength and
jumping ability at various levels of advancement .The Plyo soft box are made of the
hard foam  It offers the required stability while exercising and protects the
shinbones , the upholstery of the Plyo soft box absorbs the impact while
jumping . It’s ideal for plyometric training , because large force impact on the
body-joints and ligaments are protected .Due to the use of durable foam. The
platform will work perfectly during long hours of plyometric training .

Raw material PVC+XPE /EPE Infill

The platform consists of 4 parts with Size :

Four Size

Box 1:91x76x15cm 
Box 2:91x76x30cm 
Box 3:91x76x45cm 
Box 4:91x76x60cm 

Size can be customized

Logo UV printed

Key Features:

-High shock absorption
-100% waterproof
-Smooth finished
-Easy and quick use
-Extremely long-lasting
-Offer a range of exercises
-Unique stacking design for space-saving storage
-High density XPE infill or EPE( Ethyl Vinyl Acetate)
-Suitable for concrete ,tile or carpeted areas

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